Social responsibility


AKANIS TECHNOLOGIES has recently started a partnership with ZebuNet and support the project KAYA 2015 in BURKINA FASO.


ZEBUNET is a non-for-profit organization. It aims at encouraging the improvement life conditions for rural populations in Southern countries, by supporting breeding through animal microcredit.

Since 2001, ZEBUNET has allowed an investor in France to lend to a breeder living in a Southern country the sum of money required to buy a domestic animal: zebu, goat, ewe or pig. The breeder gets this credit for 18 to 36 months. He also receives the help of a veterinary in order to optimize his stock-farming practices and improve his agricultural production, which will allow him to pay back the loan and then become the owner of the animal.
The animal bought thanks to the loan represents the first resource allowing the family to develop their agricultural activities (breeding and subsistence crops) and to create a long-standing income.

At the present, ZEBUNET is intervening 5 countries: Madagascar, Niger, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Vietnam, in collaboration with 13 local partners.

Zebunet, association microcrédit animal.