Akanis Technologies lottery drawing machine manufacturer based in paris, france

Akanis Technologies is the world leader for air driven lottery drawing machines and has been supplying its products to over 110 customers worldwide since 1996.

The Akanis Technologies founding principles are:

A Passionate and exclusive focus on providing high quality products and services for lotteries

  • A strong worldwide presence and proximity with all our clients whatever their location
  • A continuous investment effort in operational research to innovate, improve all our products and services
  • The use of high quality, robust industrial components
  • All our manufacturing, assembly and testing is done in France.
  • We have long standing cooperation with our priviliged partners.
  • Our employees are client oriented and have a strong professional experience.

We aim our development to go hand in hand with an active involvement in the wellbeing of the society in which we all live. In practice we do this by creating a respectful environment inside our workplace, with our partners and with our clients.


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